Linda Vilmansone

Food Stylist and Recipe Author

About Me


I’m Linda, and I have a passion for pasta. By day, I work as a food stylist, transforming dishes into beautifully presented works of art for photo shoots and film sets. By night, you might find me dreaming up new recipes while munching on moonlit pasta on a cloud!

My Culinary Journey

Not only do I style food, but I also love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. I enjoy developing new recipes and finding delicious ways to use various ingredients. Here, you’ll discover my favorite recipes alongside my latest food styling creations.

Let’s Create Together

I’m excited to help you showcase your products in stunning photo and video formats. Whether you need recipe videos for your website or captivating visuals for your social media, I’m here to bring your culinary ideas to life. Feel free to reach out to me, and let’s create something beautiful together!

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